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Trauma Therapy

Trauma Therapy is about creating a space where you can gently unravel and heal from the wounds of the past. It’s a supportive one-on-one setting where I listen with compassion and understanding, helping you process and move beyond traumatic experiences. Here, you’re encouraged to share your story at your own pace, in a way that feels safe and respectful to you.

In this journey, we focus on healing and empowerment, using approaches that recognize your strength and resilience. Whether it’s overcoming past traumas or navigating their ongoing impact, I’m committed to walking alongside you, offering support, guidance, and understanding. Our goal is not just to cope with the past, but to find a path forward where you can thrive and find peace.

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Benefits of Trauma Therapy

The journey of trauma therapy offers profound benefits, helping to transform the echoes of challenging experiences into steps towards a stronger, more resilient self. Here are some key benefits of engaging in trauma therapy:

Your Therapeutic Journey: Step by Step

Embarking on therapy is a significant step, and it's important to understand the process. Here's a step-by-step guide to what you can expect when you choose to work with me.
Schedule Free Initial Consultation
  1. Initial Consultation

    Our therapeutic journey begins with a free 20-minute phone or Zoom consultation. This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other, discuss your needs and expectations, and decide if we're a good fit.

  2. Beginning the Journey

    After the initial consultation, we'll negotiate a therapeutic contract that outlines our mutual commitments. This marks the beginning of our therapeutic journey, where we'll start to explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

  3. Regular Sessions

    Following the initial stages, we'll start our regular therapy sessions. Each session is a safe space for you to delve deeper into your experiences and work towards your mental health goals.

  4. Review Stage

    Every six sessions, we'll have a review stage. This is a chance for us to reflect on your progress, discuss any concerns, and adjust our approach if needed. It's also an opportunity to revisit our therapeutic contract and make any necessary amendments to ensure it continues to support your journey.

  5. Open Therapy

    As we progress, our sessions will evolve into open therapy. This means the focus and direction of each session are led by you, allowing for deeper exploration and personal growth.

  6. Conclusion and Follow-Up

    When you feel ready to conclude therapy, we'll have a final session to reflect on your journey and discuss any future needs. Remember, the door is always open should you wish to return.